Get up to 12.65% interest per year.

All while making the world 🌎  a better place 🌳 .

Invest in assets that have both a positive climate impact, and incredible returns.

You can earn upwards of 10% interest paid daily, with no lock in, or choose a higher yield and impact that suits you 🚀
100% redemption rate till date with 0 defaults with over $1M processed
AU Small Finance Bank - Up to 8.50% pa(12m-60m)
Bajaj Finance - Up to 8.85% pa(12m-60m)
Shriram Finance - Up to 8.77% pa(12m-60m)
Mahindra Finance - Up to 8.05% pa(12m-60m)
Fincare Small Finance Bank - Up to 9.11% pa(12m-60m)
GreenGold - 10% pa (no lockin)
GreenGold+ - 12% pa(12m lockin)
AAA Rated Corporate Bonds - 9% pa
AA Rated Corporate Bonds - 10% pa
BBB+ Rated Corporate Bonds - 12% pa
Invoice Discounting - 14% pa (90d)

Do well, and do good.

You get to do well, and do good. We offer you the best choice of fixed income assets that we carefully source so that you can invest in wide range of fixed interest investment opportunities directly, or through our RBI Approved NBFC or SEBI Approved partners. Each asset has its own unique terms, and interest rates and you can choose an asset that works well for you. All, while making a positive impact on the planet.
10% returns and higher
Positive Impact
No lock in | No minimum

On Your Terms

Invest as little as 1,000 INR, sit back, and watch your interest grow every day! Also set up recurring payments to save for a target.

Withdraw Instantly

Withdraw at any point in time, no questions asked and no lock ins. If you ever find a better rate anywhere else, you are free to leave!

Help The Environment

Our assets come with an impact rating and score so that you can track your impact over time. Do wel and do good

Daily, weekly, monthly; choose your payout cycles

Our range of assets allow you to choose a payout cycle that suits your needs

Diversify your assets

Assets ranging from corporate bonds, to P2P debt, find an asset that suits your investment needs

Near Instant Payout

Our liquid products offer next business day payouts, so you can be assured your funds are on hand when needed.

Explore Our Assets

Pick an asset that suits your tenure and pricinple, and compare asset classes against each other


P2P Loans with an additional green offset
₹1,000 min investment
Daily Interest
No Lockin
10% Interest Per Annum onwards
RBI Approved NBFC
Additional Carbon Offset By Sankalp Taru
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Blu Smart

Securitized Debt Instrument - Lease Tata Tigor EVs to run on BluSmart’s ride hailing platform

1,05,572.07 Per Lot
15% Pre Tax IRR
45 Months To Maturity
Positve Climate Impact
Monthly Payouts
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Green FD

Invest in AU Small Finance Bank Green FD with returns as high as 8.65% pa. Prospectus.
₹5,000 min investment
8.65% pa
12 to 60  Months To Maturity
Choose your payout options
Great Diversification Option.
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High Yield and High Impact
Anand P.
Interest of ₹12,223 in 91 days
Invests With Yield

You can do good.
And do well. Really well.

Green Assets
We take particular pride in listing assets that make a positive environmental impact. You can sleep well, when you invest with us. Learn more about our green investments.
Impact Investing
We also have projects listed on our platform that help companies and people with certain missions. We encourage this whole heartedly while ensuring that you as an investor also make a profit on your investments.